Obama / Clinton from France

Barack Hussein Obama is the french choice for the White House in 2008. First point he's democrat, and frenchies believe that a good american is democrat. And the bush administration reinforce this idea, this belief.

From my point of view, there were no chance for Obama to win the Democratic primaries, on of these reason was simply because Obama is the best french choice. The second one is to know if really americans are ready to vote for a "black". I think they are for a woman.

Now the game is done, Obama is going to be the first black to be candidate for the presidential Us election. His VP might be Clinton (a risky choice), and in any case must be a woman.

If americans vote and elect Obama, it will be a real (re)volution for democracy and the world. Not only because he will be the first black american president, but although because he raised funds with small donators far from private industrial/financial interests, because he really wants to change US democracy and that he can be credible, because he is not dogmatic.

Clearly he is the Clinton way of doing politics rather than the Bush one.

The final question is now : can he be elected?

France hopes he will, because he is a centrist. Because people in the world want to turn over a new leaf and forget W's years and republicans.


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